This is Our Passion

Our business started in 1989 as a part-time hobby, and in 1993 it became a full-time business — when my husband and I were trying for a family and also realizing that both of my parents needed additional healthcare assistance.

When they were hospitalized, we received many prayers and we witnessed the miracles which truly inspired me to write over 140 inspirational poetry.

I am hoping if I could just touch one person’s life with my poetry, I know that I have touched a million. For that one person will touch another and another and soon a million will be touched.

My goal is sharing our inspirational poetry and testimonies by writing a book. I am really praying to accomplish that. All of our products have special meanings and may they give you many blessings too.

A Great Story

Years ago, we saw an elderly man walking slowly along a dark road. He had a cane in one hand and carried something in the other hand. We were so worried about his safety and asked him if he needed a ride home.

Without hesitating, he walked slowly to our car. We noticed that he was not an elderly man but he was really a young man, and that he was carrying a bible in his hand.

He told us that he was hoping and praying that someone would pick him up to take him to his bible study.

He told us that he was 21 years old and had gotten into a car accident that left him partially paralyzed. We took him to his bible study and asked him if he needed a ride home.

 He replied, don’t worry now that I am here, someone will take me home.

He stood out by the door and kept thanking us and waving good-bye until we left.

He made us realize how grateful and important life really is.